June 18, 2007

some ideas to kick around as we kick off!

I'm very much looking forward to staying in touch with the old neighborhood through this means of communication. Hopefully, I can also add some things to the conversation that may be useful to the neighborhood and its residents.

As a multilingual neighborhood, I think it would be wonderful if some bilingual folks in our midst would think about translating these posts into their native language so this important means of communication is open to more people.

As this project takes off, perhaps a brief educational session during one of the upcoming neighborhood meetings would be beneficial for those that are more apprehensive about computers than some of the rest of us.

Keep up the great work!

1 comment:

Blaine Ray said...

thanks for the post todd...i think that would be a great idea doing a training on how to use the site...hopefully we'll get a few more people who are interested in using it...