May 12, 2009

RUN Meeting Minutes - April 9, 2009

Billy called the meeting to order at 7:00.

The meeting was pretty much about keeping up with the police force with commamder Anthony Carter of the North precinct and Ricky Williams of the West. They said crime had gone down in 2008 and continues to be reduced this year. They are studying crime maps to find patterns and pockets of drug activity. Mr. Carter said there is a new number (862-7873) to report suspicions without leaving your name. But the 242-DOPE number is still open.

Angela asked about the comstat meeting every week where he has to identify the crimes and what he is doing about it. The news media and Chief Serpas are there. They have a crime analysis person to direct the focus of the investigations. They have a flex unit who drive those unmarked grey cars to catch more crooks.

Mr. Williams said there may be new officers hired with money from the Feds. He said watch your GPS systems and report gang graffiti. He didn't know if the West building would replaced any time soon.

BG is still fighting for her section 8 landlord bill. Norma said there is $781.97 in the bank (isn't that more that usual?) and the native american people were booked up for the next four months.

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