January 14, 2008

Minutes of RUN Meeting - January 10, 2008

Recorded and submitted by Scott Gillihan, RUN Secretary.

Attended by: BG Wadholm, Cynthia Black, Scott Gillihan, Lamar and Mamii Thronebury, Bernadette Ash, Angela Bryan, Gina Ruff, Blaine Ray, David Wascher.

Cynthia called the meeting to order at 7:00 (Billy could not attend this month). No Treasury updates were provided. Scott reminded everyone of the 51st Ave cleanup scheduled to take place on Saturday, January 12th. Blaine provided a council update from Councilman Baker. Councilman Baker could not attend, because he was holding a public meeting regarding Verchota Flooring in the Charlotte Park area.

There was no update regarding the restriping of Morrow road. Several attendees promised to talk with Benny Word to make it happen by summer. We all did seem to like the traffic light on Centennial off Briley Parkway. Especially BG. Everyone agreed that the new truckstop should be a good thing.

Bernadette voice concerns about Richland Headstart. She is trying to get the parking lot repaved and some kind of crosswalk for children on busy Charlotte Ave. She said that they are putting in speed bumps on the road by West Park.

Angela gave us the St. Luke's update. She said that 395 families were adopted this Christmas. They plan on starting a fittness program, a new cooking class, and providing free tax return preparation (with Jessica) this winter. Gina informed us that she is volunteering to become a leader of the Girl Scout Troop at St. Luke's. The next St Luke’s Advisory Council meeting is taking place Jan. 31 at 6:00. Everyone is welcome to attend.

BG told us about all the good work that 61st Ave church is doing, including the Fall Carnival and Last Chance Christmas Toy Store that helped 3,700 people! They also got a $10,000 grant to repair homes in West Nashville. We all should thank Pastor Paul for the good work they do. BG also said she has noticed more police patrols in the area.

A brief discussion about what should be done with the old prison followed. The meeting was adjourned at 8:15.

Cleanup Update: The 51st Ave cleanup was one of the most successful ever. About 30 bags of trash were filled along with other debris. Special thanks to Tony and Gina Ruff for getting all the litter around Cockrill School and the Throneburys for going above and beyond the call!

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Anonymous said...

If everyone would be responsible and dispose of their trash legally as they should, I wouldn't have to see Scott on Saturday mornings.
Please help me and just throw it away at home, recycle it, or take it to the dump, IS IT REALLY THAT HARD? just kidding scott..
Gina Ruff