January 4, 2008

RUN Meeting Minutes - November 8, 2007

Attended by Blaine Ray, Ron Burch, Norma Hand, Billy Walls, Gina Ruff, Lamar and Mamie Throneberry, William and James Bradford, Buddy and Audrey Baker, Bernadette Ash, Cynthia Black, Angela Bryan, David Wascher, Edith Tuck, Benny Word, and Scott Gillihan

Billy called the meeting to order and Benny Word of Traffic calming Metro spoke first. Benny mentioned the study of traffic on Morrow Road is in but he hasn't had a chance to study it. He did sound like something could be done like re-striping, parking spots and speed limit could be done. We also talked about the Westboro-Thunderbird intersection. Thanks to the Throneberrys and Bernadette for help on this issue.

In old business, copies of bylaws were handed out to attendees. A suggestion was made to rewrite the section regarding rights of voters and those running for office. After discussion, the change was tabled until the January RUN meeting.

Angela from St. Luke's invited us to the Community Thanksgiving. We congratulated St. Luke’s for the successful Halloween party. Angela also reminded us of a new cooking class starting up. Ron updated us on the meeting with police Sgt. Williams. He reminded us to keep our eyes open and call the police when you see suspicious activity.

Buddy and Audrey Baker talked about a new TGIF and Red Robin restaurant in the new shopping center. Two more restaurants are planned to move to the area as well.

There was a brief discussion regarding calling the are the “Nations Neighborhood.” Cynthia and Norma explained where the name came from (the Indian reservation in the area). Perhaps we could reach a compromise and call us the RUN association of West Nashville.

The meeting ended at 8:00. There will be not meeting in December. Happy Holidays!

Minutes recorded by Scott Gillihan

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