April 9, 2008

Issue Prioritization 2008

In March, residents who have attended 4 or more RUN meetings during the past 12 months were asked to rank the issues that they want to work on most during the upcoming year.

Here were the top vote-getters:

1. Improve RUN's Relationship with the Police.
2. Make Parks, Playgrounds, Etc. Safe for Youth .
3. (tie) Public Transportation - Improve West Nashville Bus Route .
3. (tie) Address Concerns Regarding Traffic, Semi-Trucks, Etc.
5. (tie) Improve 51st Avenue / Improve Neighborhood Entrance from I-40 .
5. (tie) Create a Disaster Plan for West Nashville.
7. Dumping - Deal with Illegal Dumping / Get "No Dumping" Signs for RUN.
8. Richland Creek Cleanup
9 Strengthen Relationship with Local Businesses.
10. Street / Alley Cleanup

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