April 9, 2008

RUN Meeting Minutes – March 13, 2008

Attended by Blaine Ray, Scott Gillihan, Mamie and Lamar Thronebury, William Bradford, James Bradford, Councilman Buddy Baker, Audrey Baker, Dave Wascher, Angela Bryan, Bernadette Ash, Gina Ruff, Cynthia Black, Norma Hand, Billy Walls, Brenda Hix, and BG Wadholm


Billy called the meeting to order and the minutes to the February were approved save for the Night Out Against Crime section. The group decided to hold the 2008 NOAC event at St. John’s Church while Charlotte Park will hold their event at Nashville West. Billy, Angela, Scott, Norma, and Gina volunteered for the NOAC committee.

Proposed bylaw changes were discussed briefly and then tabled.

Norma announced that $405.55 was available in the treasury.


Billy and Gina talked about producing a newsletter although distribution is still a problem. Billy said there will be more emergency training offered by the American Red Cross this summer.

We discussed the Bells Bend meeting and found out that 75 citizens signed a petition opposing the development; 0 citizens signed a petition supporting it. Audrey informed us about the Overlook at Nashville West, which will have two new hotels where the Howard Johnson once stood.

We next discussed the moving of houses to Deal Ave like they did on 61st Ave. Blaine provided site plans for the structures to the rest of the group. Most of the attendees agreed they liked the houses but Mamie and others voiced concerns about putting two houses on one lot so long as they are connected.

Mail drop box - Billy asked everyone to call Walter at 383-2056 to get a mail drop box in Charlotte Park. Norma announced that the HG Hills store is closing April 5.

Bernadette said that the potholes and crosswalk at Richland Head Start had been fixed. Good job, but nobody could get a hold of Benny Word at Metro Public Works regarding speeding on Morrow Road. Buddy said he is working on cameras at West Park and Charlotte Park to cut down on crime. Audrey asked everyone to remember Sylvester Henkel and family in their prayers.

Scott reminded everyone the 51st Ave clean up is April 12. He also asked for help cleaning up construction dumping along Richland Creek. The last bit of good news was about former RUN president Cynthia Black being nominated for the Stroble award for volunteers by St. Luke’s. Good luck Cynthia, we know you deserve it.

The meeting ended before 8:00.

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