March 23, 2009

Scotts Blog: A Few Items


Someone has been dumping a lot of tires in West Nashville lately. There is a collection in the alley between Georgia and Indiana by Morrow Road. But most aggressive offense is the 100 or so that was dumped behind the Church on 61st and Centennial. It's a disgrace and something needs to be done about it. But what?

You see it all goes back to the economy. A year ago you could take bad tires to Firestone and they would recycle them for free. Now it cost $2 a tire. So all the local tire shops have to dump them somewhere and where better than a quiet neighborhood.

Tires can be recycled, but right now it is not profitable. Can't we get some federal or state money from the stimulus to help with this problem?


Word on the street is that music producer John Rich, formerly of the group Big and Rich, has filmed a video at one of West Nashville's drinking establishments.

Johnny's bar on Centennial Ave. was rented out for $600 on March 17 so Mr. Rich could produce a video for his upcoming single Down in Detroit (or something like that) that should be on CMT soon. Apparently, it is a song about the recent recession and the wanted the foulest little honky tonk bar they could find. Well I've been to Johnny's (mostly to play guitar on jam night) and they sure picked the right location. I hear they closed part of Centennial and Kris Kristofferson and other stars were there.

I don't know if you're a county music fan, but just a few years ago Big and Rich were singing to the excess of being Big and Rich. Now he sings about the the poor working man in difficult economics times, while he builds a 70 foot high house on Love Circle. Thanks John, but don't come back.


The 51st Ave clean-up is slated for April 11. That is the same date of the Richland Creek clean-up and we will work together to have the maximum amount of trash to pick up. I am off the Friday before so we should be able to get a lot of trash picked up.

The Nashville Urban Harvest is looking forward to their best year ever. Volunteers are needed at any time.

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