March 23, 2009

RUN Meeting Minutes - March 12, 2009

The meeting was lightly attended due in part to the bad weather. The entire meeting was devoted to the emergency plan for West Nashville.

Billy called the meeting to order a little after 7:00. Scott Harris and Marah Hokensten form the Office of EmergencyManagement were the first to speak. Mr. Harris said we work behind the scenes and coordinate with State and Federal Offices. He said be prepared to live for 72 hours as a household.

He continued saying he is not too concerned with dam failure to the West Nashville area. He is more worried about tornadoes which could strike at any time of year but especially during the the spring. He recomended getting a weather radios which would tell the conditions as soon as he knew. He spoke of the sirens we hear every saturday at noon and said they only reach so far. He wasn't too worried about earthquakes as Nashville is built on limestone. He said the Crieve Hall Neighborhood group had walkie talkies and had very good local response. He couldn't name an evacuation route because he didn't know the nature of the emergency.

The next speaker was Marqentas S. Deaderick of the American Red Cross. She showed off an emergency kit the Red Cross has. She talked about the training they offer that Billy and Cynthia have been through. She talked about other training and where to call for help.

The meeting adjourned about 8:00.

Minutes submitted respectfully by Scott Gillihan

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