February 25, 2009

Scott's Blog: The Economy

Something is not going on on Charlotte and I don't like it. Just West of White Bridge road, between the Jack in the Box and the Dominoes, there use to be a little strip mall. They had a video rental store, a nails place and a little Indian restaurant. Well a year or more ago, someone razed the building and now it's a concrete slab with a chain link fence around it. I heard that a bank branch was supposed to move to the location. A 5th 3rd bank, which is the stupidest name for a bank I ever heard. Come on guys, just pick one number.

Well since then we've had the credit crunch or whatever you want to call this recession. Could it be that this bank got caught up in all the bad home loans and doesn't have the money to build the bank? I did notice 5th 3rd could afford to build a big building in Green Hills.

But isn't that the way things go in today's economy? The rich and powerful can pay lower taxes and get a bailout from the government when they screw up. But if you're just one guy trying to make your own business, they knock the walls around you down.

As Alan Jackson sang, there goes the little man.

Update: I wrote about to dog abandoned when the duplex burned on Morrow Road. Well, I'm pleased to say the dog has apparently been adopted by the folks living across the alley from the burned house. I don't know the people but I'm glad to see they had the heart to care for him. The shell of the duplex is still an eyesore and it will probably be up to the neighbors to clean it up.

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