July 9, 2009

RUN Meeting Minutes - June 15, 2009

Minutes of the RUN meeting June 15, 2009

See Blaine for attendance.

The new business was about the Night Out Against Crime coming up on August 4th. Norma said it was hard to get any donations from businesses this year compared to previous years. People were dissatisfied with the Block Party at the church and wondered how much it really did help to stop crime, so other ideas were brought up.

Norma suggested a walk around the neighborhood to get people more involved. Jamie and Audry talked about getting the Red Cross for classes and maybe a blood drive. Scott talked about targeting drug houses and abandoned properties and fixing them up. After some debate we voted to clean up derelict property. We targeted two right on New York near the church. That will make the block look good for the Fall Health Fair on September 19th. (Scott's update: the burned apartment building looks too dangerous to enter, but we could at least clean up the yard.)

Jonathan asked about the codes and we told him where he could get help identifying violations. Lamar talked about clean-ups they have done along 63rd avenue.

Angela told us about the job fair and free haircuts going on at St. Luke's. I hear that now they are helping people with mortgage issues. It's a great example of more good work from those people in these tough economic times.

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