July 20, 2009

RUN Meeting Minutes - July 9, 2009

Minutes of the RUN meeting July 9, 2009

The meeting started at 7:00. Billy was at work receiving an award so Norma and Scott ran the meeting. The first order of business was what to do for the Night Out Against Crime. BG said someone had moved into the yellow house and the burned down house at 6108 New York looks too dangerous to enter. Buddy said that house is to be torn down. We decided to clean the alleys around the church. So we plan on meeting near the church in the vacant lot on 60th and New York Ave. The date is August 4 and the time will be 6:00.

In new business, Buddy said the Maytown plan has been deferred indefinitely after it was turned down by the planning commission.

Sean dropped by to say he wants to run a food market from local farmers at Richland Park on Saturday mornings. After a a few questions like where exactly and when the market will be open, the group seemed pleased with the plan. Sean spoke about a food security meeting July 26 that Angela was familiar with.

Norma talked about all the work going on at I 40 and White Bridge Road. Bernadette talked about her involvement with protest rallies. Angela said she has a program to help people in the recession and needs us to get the word out.

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