July 9, 2009

Scott's Blog

It was good to see a couple of our RUN members in the Tennessean recently. Bernadette Ash was quoted at a tax protest rally downtown and has been on the local radio as I understand. Then I saw Norma's photo in the paper in a story about the Phase II construction on I-40. You go, girls! More people should be as politically active as the two of you.

Well I'm back from my two week vacation to British Columbia. I had a good time but I'm glad I'm back in good ole West Nashville. I'm sick of travelling and won't be going anywhere for a while.

Seems to me more small businesses are coming back to 51st Ave and Centennial Blvd. Wayne Greer has opened an arcade by the Stop and Shop and Fast Freddy's is expanding. We should encourage more small business to locate in West Nashville. The next clean-up for 51st is July 11.

So I hear the planning commission voted against Maytown and the motion will be deferred. That's good but I hope we can move on from here. We've been arguing this for 18 months now and everybody has had their say. I hope we can work out some kind of land swap with the fairgrounds or even the old Bruce Hardwood Floor land. And why can't we get the Ferry to Bell's Bend re-opened?

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