August 11, 2009

Firebombing in Our Neighborhood

The home of Lamar and Mamilee Throneberry at 6200 Morrow Road was fire bombed about 10:00 last night, August 7.Thankfully,the fire and damage was contained to the front porch and no one was hurt.
Reportedly a black man was seen who had three Molotov cocktails which he lit and threw at the living room window. The outer pane was shattered and soon the front porch was engulfed in flames. A neighbor who lives at 6202 Morrow Road and saw the attack rushed next to tell Lamar and Mamilee their house was on fire. Lamar got his hose out and extinguished the fire before the fire department could arrive. Meanwhile the perpetrator walked down the street perhaps to be picked up by a slow moving car seen cruising the neighborhood.

Now why would anybody want to attack the Throneberry's, good friends and neighbors who are some of the sweetest people you'd ever want to meet? Well details are murky but apparently there was trouble at the house next door, 6202 Morrow road which was the true target. A young man there was dealing in stolen cars and somebody came looking for revenge. Why Lamar's house was attacked is unclear; was he trying to send a message or did he just make a mistake.Whatever it is a shame.

I'll send you more updates as I learn them. I know that Metro Police, the ATF, and other law enforcement are looking for the people who committed this heinous crime. Perhaps we should contact the media to be on the look out for the suspects.

Scott Gillihan

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