August 11, 2009

Scott's Blog - Beautification

Big News at Beautification

Billy Lynch, director of Metro Public Works sat in on the last beautification meeting. A big topic was losing the recycling center in West Nashville and the one in South Nashville Wal-mart is kicking us out of. Mr. Lynch said he is working on a deal to put it on Metro/State property. He didn't have any details as it is still in the works, but putting it on government land is a better solution than getting jerked around by big companies. Let's wish him well and hope we can get recycling out here soon. I'll keep you posted.

What makes me mad is we had to move to Wal-mart because they were going build a frozen food store in the old location. Well it's been almost two years and still nothing. I know these things take time and the economy has been down, but I don't like people who say they are going to do something then don't follow through.

I Need an Intern

I guess you all have heard about that State Senator from Memphis caught messing around with an intern. That brings to mind our own State Rep. Gary Odom. Now I know he did the honorable thing and married that young girl. Part of me wants to say good for you, I think I'd like to try that. But the more I think about it, it all seems so creepy. Our state legislature is an embarrassment, in a nation with lots of bad State governments. Can't we get some better people to fill these offices? Or is the money machine all that matters?

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