August 11, 2009


Good Food for Good People and Metro Nashville Park District havepartnered up to answer the high demand for a farmer's market in WestNashville!

The market opening date is next Saturday, August 15th from9-12pm & will continue every Saturday after that!

The market will feature:
* local farmers
* artisans with locally produced products
* live music
* a child friendly atmosphere
* lots of ways to join the fun

Look for the market under the big trees near Park Avenue and 46thAvenue North in Richland Park.


Anonymous said...

I live in the Croleywood subdivision of West Nashville and I am looking forward to this!

MeretriciousCreations said...

I am very excited too, even more so because I hope to become a vendor. (if I can ever get in touch with someone about it!) I have wanted a west side farmer's market for so long.
I was also wondering if there was a way to follow or subscribe to this blog that I am not seeing. I never remember to come and check it but if I were able to follow it, it would show up in my reading list on my blogger home page/dashboard thing.