February 7, 2009

Scott's Blog - Fire on Morrow Road

Last saturday afternoon there was a house fire just up the street on Morrow Road. The fire department was there quickly and contained the fire to mostly one end of the duplex. You've got to give those firemen credit. That's a tough and dangerous job that I wouldn't want to do. They saved the people inside with only one person sustaining minor injuries.
Now this property is right on the corner of 61st Ave and Morrow Road right across from West Park. It's a very old and tiny duplex that has had many differnt tenants since I've been living down the street. It has been up for sale for a year or more. I suppose it still is and now at a reduced price. I wonder what will happen to that little house. It is all boarded up and scorched on the inside and unfit for human habitation. But there are a lot of homeless poeple around here who have been known to squat in an abandoned building.
What I would like to see is that old duplex torn down and the land left alone. The lot is too small for the condos they are building around here now. Maybe even that land could be donated to the city as sort of an annex to West Park.
The strange thing about all of this is - although the guy who lived there moved out with the help of the Red Cross, he left behind his dog. It's one of those pit bull mixes so popular these days. He is still chained to a tree next to his makeshift dog house (at least it didn't burn) looking as sad and forlorn as the charred furniture lying in the gutter. Someone still brings him food and water and he looks healthy enough, but still it's a pitiful sight. I hate to see an animal suffer. Let's hope we can get that place torn down and the dog can find a happy home.
All from the West Side for now. More later.

- Scott

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