February 9, 2009

Scott's Blog - TVA Ash Sludge Spill

I guess y'all have heard about that ash sludge spill from the TVA plant up in East Tennessee. So what does that have to do to us here in West Nashville?

Well…if you are reading this on a computer or with the help of an electric light, it has a lot to do with you. See, the electricity to power that light comes from removing mountaintop to reach the coal that the TVA burns to generate electricity.

Think of it this way…if when you flip a switch or turn something on in your house, a little ash or a puff of blue smoke comes out of the plug, would you live there long? Even with the blessing of electricity? We need to think in a new way. Electricity can be generated on a smaller scale though solar or geothermal power and we would, in a way, be paying as we use it. And we wouldn't have to rely on NES or the TVA. I know that the issue is a lot more complicated, but I think West Nashville is the perfect place to start this new way of thinking.

What do you all think?

- Scott

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T Liebergen said...

I believe it's a new way of thinking for you and hope that you continue to spread the word as you are able. It's the longer-term planning that has yet to gain the necessary critical mass for many issues in the USA.

Similarly, all the fixed income folks wouldn't need as much help with their electric bills if their homes were more weatherized and they were better educated about staying comfortable while reducing heating and cooling costs. We can throw chunks of money at paying their electric bills and that pattern will be repeated forever ... or we can throw chunks of money at the West Nashville Community Development Partnership so they can weatherize and reduce the overall electric bills that are incurred by people.

I think ... and that's much more than many people do.

Keep thinking, Scott!