February 9, 2009

RUN Meeting Minutes - January 8, 2009

Billy called the meeting to order at 7:00. Councilman Buddy Baker was the first to speak, and he described a few changes at the old Hillwood Plaza. He said that Nashville West is on hold for the moment, due to constraints from the current economic climate. Buddy mentioned that the bank is being torn down and moved, and that a Publix store will be going in where HG Hills was located previously. Buddy reported that a frozen food store will be going in, and that he is working with Billy Lynch (Metro Public Works) to relocate the recycling center. Costco won't let us put it there. Councilman Baker said that the H2O project may start in October and that MayTown is on hold as well. He’s also is working on obtaining cameras for West Park.

Afterwards, the group discussed goals for 2009. Bernadette said we still need an emergency plan. Scott said “how ‘bout a powwow” like Norma has mentioned in previous meetings. Jonathon and BG said we need a newsletter and flyer. Jamie said she liked living here but wished that more people had internet access. BG talked about getting a law on the books that would require more police action regarding problem renters (that landlords should be notified of illegal activities occurring on their properties).

All attendees voted and the disaster plan and newsletter were the top vote-getters. A general discussion took place when we started to realize how much work and how much this would cost. We agreed to schedule two auxiliary meetings on January 29. One half-hour discussion for the disaster plan at 6:30 and another for the newsletter at 7:00.In new business.

Scott mentioned the cleanup of 51st Ave is scheduled for Saturday, January 10, and he hope to see everyone there. Update: Scott, Jan, and Jamie cleaned up on a rainy day. Lamar and Mamie also participated in the cleanup.

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