February 25, 2009

RUN Meeting Minutes - February 12, 2009

Billy called the meeting to order at 7:00. The minutes of the January meeting were read and approved noting the new frozen food store is called "Gordon's." Norma said there was no activity in the treasury except that RUN's Post Office Box is due. In old business Billy talked about the two new subcommittees.

Regarding the Emergency Preparedness subcommittee, Angela reported little luck with the Office of Emergency Management. Cynthia said she contacted the Red Cross and planned for them to to the April meeting. She also passed out a list of "safe places" in West Nashville, should disaster strike.

Regarding the web site subcommittee, Billy said that we should all take digital pictures of the neighborhood and write what you can and so it can be uploaded to the RUN blog (online at runneighborhood.blogspot.com). We talked about getting a proper website and the cost is $10, only payable by credit card. Scott, Blaine, Jamie and Johnathan said they will help with content. Norma will look into getting a debit card with a small balance so RUN can purchase a domain name.

Norma said she spoke to a Mr. Wilson at the Native American Indian Assn. on Spence Lane about holding a pow wow in the neighborhood. He may come to the March meeting. Mr. Bradford brought up the subject of the water rate increase and he didn't like it. Neither did BG who was most concerned about elderly residents on a fixed income having a hard time paying their utilities. Scott spoke in favor of the increase, saying storm water is undermining roads and houses in West Nashville.

Buddy said that Publix is a done deal, and will be moving to the location where HG Hills used to be located. They will be moving the bank but not putting in condos in the new shopping center. He said that the police want to move up the hill to the Horizon Building, since their current location is over-crowed. He spoke to Billy Lynch at Public Works about a committee to find a new recycling center if the existing one must move. Scott talked about getting sound walls installed if and when TDOT finishes phase 2 construction on I440.

We retired to delicious snacks prepared by the cooking class at St Luke's.

Minutes submitted respectfully by Scott Gillihan

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