June 9, 2008

RUN Meeting Minutes - May 8, 2008

Attended by Blaine Ray, Billy Walls, Cynthia Black, Norma Hand, Ron Burch, Scott Gillihan, Evan and Janel Lacy, Buddy and Audrey Baker, Brenda Hix, Angela Bryan, David Wascher, Sandy Sandberg, Cyndi Hoeger, William and James Bradford, and Bernadette Ash.

Billy called the meeting to order at 7:00. Minutes from the April meeting were approved. We welcomed Bernadette to the RUN Steering Committee, which provided updates regarding the Night Out Against Crime, and progress on bylaw changes. The steering committee will meet again on May 20 at St Luke’s.

RUN welcomed new visitors to the organization. Blaine shared maps of the neighborhood that showed concentration of crime for 2007. It showed several hotspots of crime activity, including areas near the railroad tracks on the east side of the neighborhood, and along Charlotte Pike. Various members of the group discussed crime related issues regarding properties on Kentucky and Stevenson St.

Scott updated everyone about the Richland Creek cleanup scheduled for June 29th, passing around information about the event. Scott regretfully added that he would be out of town that weekend.

Cynthia was congratulated for winning the Mary Catherine Strobel Volunteer of the Year Award. Councilman Baker read a letter from the Metro Council congratulating her.

Councilman Baker informed the group about new warehouses being built at Cockrill Bend and a new project on the Western edge of the 20th district for condos etc.

Bernadette told us that she is working to get a crosswalk on Charlotte for students who attend Richland Elementary School. Angela shared a newsletter that St Luke’s staff had worked on. Additionally, she invited everyone to attend the St Luke’s “Celebration of Cultures” event, to be held on June 7 at St. Luke’s Community House.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00.