July 25, 2008

RUN Meeting Minutes - July 10, 2008

Attended by Blaine Ray, Angela Bryan, David Wascher, Scott Gillihan, Ron Burch, Brenda Hix, Cynthia Black, Lamar and Mamie Thronebery, Billy Walls, Sarah and Kate Bellos, Bernadette Ash, William and James Bradford, BG Wadholm, David Wells, Audrey and Buddy Baker, Sergeant Ricky Williams.

Billy called the meeting to order and turned it over to Ricky who told us the good news about a major drug and gun bust on New York Ave (even though the perpetrators were released the next day). Ron asked about slow response on the 911 system and Ricky said they are making changes. Ricky said there are still auto break-ins but auto theft is down because of high gas prices. Blaine and Brenda asked about graffiti and Ricky said that gang activity does exist in Nashville, citing a recent murder in South Nashville. Ricky said they are fighting copper and metal thieves, and are now requiring fingerprints from scrap dealers. BG and Bernadette complained about juvenile crime and Brenda asked about go-carts, which Ricky said were legal (annoying, and dangerous as they may be).

The minutes of the June meeting were approved and no activity was reported in the treasury.

Sarah of Nashville Urban Harvest expressed her opposition to the bridge for the new May Town proposal. She cited increased traffic in the area and a reduced quality of life. Scott passed around a petition for residents who oppose the project (the count was 14 in opposition; 1 in favor). Billy said he was for it because he did not want the bridge to go through Charlotte Park. Scott will show the petition to the Metro Planning Commission on July 24 and express the group’s opposition. Councilman Baker said that he met with the developers and he supports the project. David asked why they could not build the bridge behind Lowe’s and Buddy said there already is a development occurring there.

Billy reminded everyone that the Night Out Against Crime is coming soon and we need more planning. The next meeting for that will be July 15. Billy asked everyone to come.

Bernadette reported she has had little luck with the restriping of Morrow Rd. She passed around a petition for all to sign so she could take it to Benny Word at Metro Public Works. She and David want a sign welcoming people to West Nashville and all agreed it was a good idea if the liability and property rights issues and be resolved.

Angela said St Luke bought a house to complete the city block and are now planning what to do with it. Brenda invited everyone to the Church Carnival in September. We agreed to meet a little earlier in August to discuss the Metro Codes Ride-around.

The meeting adjourned at about 8:05

Before the meeting Blaine, Ron , Billy, Scott, Cynthia , and Brenda rode around looking for problem properties (dumping, graffiti, etc.) and they found about 20. To be discussed at later meeting . Thanks to Ron for driving and Brenda for use of the church van.

July 7, 2008

RUN Meeting Minutes - June 12, 2008

Attended by Blaine Ray, Angela Bryan, David Wascher, Scott Gillihan, Ron Burch, Brenda Hix, Cynthia Black, Lamar and Mamie Thronebery, Billy Walls, William and James Bradford, Norma Hand, BG Wadholm, Audrey and Buddy Baker and Sgt. Connie Tripp.

Billy called the meeting to order and introduced Sgt. Tripp - Community Coordinator for the Metro Police Department's West Precinct. Sgt. Tripp talked about a recent heroin bust on White Bridge Road, and expressed satisfaction for the individuals who called to report drug-related activity on Couch Drive and Kentucky Ave. An arrest was recently made in that area. He talked about the rash of recent auto break-ins, with GPS systems being the main targets of the crooks. Sgt. Tripp mentioned that home break-ins have declined; he then addressed questions about the use of deadly force.

May's minutes were submitted and approved by the group.

BG asked about the new warehouse on Cockrill Bend where she works. Scott again voiced his opposition to any bridge from that prison area over to Bell’s Bend.

Cynthia announced that a dumpster would be available at St. Luke’s Saturday June 21 thanks to Public Works (Update: We filled it up!). Scott reminded everyone that the next 51st Ave cleanup will take place on Saturday, July 12.

Billy reminded everyone that the planning for the Night Out Against Crime would take place Thurs. June 26th at St. Luke’s and invited everyone to attend.

Buddy was asked for a council update and he said he was disappointed with Metro's budget and that it is a down year for our city. He was asked about the convention center expansion, and the deal to keep the Predators hockey team in Nashville.

Norma spoke about concerns she has regarding Metro Water Services.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00.

Minutes submitted respectfully by Scott Gillihan.