September 14, 2009

Minutes of RUN Meeting, September 10th

Billy called the meeting to order at 7:00. There were no old minutes because Scott missed the August meeting. Jamie said they talked about the fire on Morrow Road and moving the Police station to the old Ford dealer at 5500 Charlotte. Blaine passed around a petition on that subject. Norma reported that there was $759.03 in the treasury.

Brenda and B.G. invited everyone to the health fair and carnival on September 19th from 9:00-2:00 at the 61st Ave church. Scott asked if we could recruit a candidate to run against Buddy in the 2011 election. Everyone seemed to think it was a good idea, but Billy reminded us that in the RUN by laws, RUN could not endorse any candidate. Angela reminded us that St. Luke's had stimulus Money that could help folks with their house payments if they meet certain conditions.

Blaine and Brenda gave a recap of the meeting with the North precinct. Their will be another meeting with the Police Monday. The meeting was adjourned early so we could all catch the Titans game.

Submitted by Scott GillihanSeptember 13, 2009

Notes From the Nations

River Music--Sorry I missed the August RUN meeting. I went to a concert downtown and when I bought the ticket I didn't realize it was on RUN night.

Digital Age--You may have noticed I have a proper email address now. I am also working on a MySpace and Facebook page. It's what all the kids are doing. It is all very strange to me so bear with me as I am dragged kicking and screaming into the the 21st century.

Gail Kerr--I hope y'all got a chance to read Gail Kerr's piece August 15 in the Tennessean. It was about the Metro law against discrimination of gays. Our councilman Buddy Baker was featured. Buddy and I have not agreed on every issue but he is right on this one.

Marketplace--I hope y'all have had to chance to visit the new farmer's market in Richland Park. I have been there the last two Saturdays and it seems to be thriving. If you haven't been there yet be sure to go before it gets too cold.

The Price of Freedom--I am sorry to hear about Cynthia's cousin who was wounded in the war.

Movin' the Cop Shop--I think it is a good idea to move the West precinct down to the old Ford dealer, but I do have two thoughts on the subject. First, I thought Metro was broke and are laying off employees. How can we afford to buy the land? But if the property is cheap enough it might be a good deal. Secondly, Richland Creek runs right by there and the Richland Creek people have talked about putting a pocket park in there. They want to extend the Richland Creek Greenway to Charlotte and eventually to West Park. Perhaps the two projects could be combined.

VFW recycles--In case you haven't heard, they have moved the recycling center from Wal-mart to the VFW another mile down the road. It's better than nothing I suppose but it's way out of the 20th district now. I take the recycles from work to the center at TSU, which is out of the way but a lot closer.