June 20, 2009

MTC....meeting @ Cohn 6/23 this Tuesday 6.00

I received this email from The Nations list-serve. You can join by following the instructions below.

Whether you are for or against the Maytown Center development, it is important for all of us to be informed and involved. If it does progress, it WILL have an effect on our neighborhood, for better or for worse. Our participation can help to steer things in a positive direction for our community either way.


MTC....meeting @ Cohn 6/23 this Tuesday 6.00

Everyone who is interested in the future of our neighborhood should plan on attending this meeting - our councilman Buddy Baker will be there and needs our support for his anti MTC development stance........Tony g will also be there.


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June 4, 2009

Job Training Fair

St. Lukes is holding a Job Training Fair this Saturday, June 13th.

It will be from 12:00-2:30pm at St. Luke's Community House - 5601 New York Avenue.

GED & Literacy Registration * Resume & Cover Letter Writing * Local Colleges and Businesses * Appropriate Dress-for-Less-and-Success Fashion Show * Budgeting * Open Bank Accounts * Free Credit Scores * Snacks * Children's Activities