September 11, 2008

RUN Meeting Minutes - August 14, 2008

Attended by Blaine Ray, Dave Wascher, Scott Gillihan, Sandy Sandberg, Buddy Baker, Cissy Mynatt, William and James Bradford, Cyndi Hoeger, Jonathon Convoa, BG Wadholm, Norma Hand, Cynthia Black, Lamar and Mamie Thronebery, Bernadette Ash, and Brenda Hix.

Cynthia called the meeting to order after reporting that Billy was sick. She welcomed everybody and turned to Norma for a treasurer report. Norma said that the RUN treasury had doubled from $405.44 to $810.97 because of donation from the Night Out Against Crime. More news on that later.

Blaine talked about the drive through the neighborhood attended by Ron, Blaine, Cynthia, Brenda, Billy and Scott. They found some code violations and he called about a few but wishes some members of the community would take charge in fixing up problem properties.

Brenda said that lost of older people needed help caring for their yard. It was suggested that maybe a partnership could be set up to care for the lawn mowers and trimmer needed. Norma suggested that a school program that could help out.

Norma gave a more detailed explanation of the Night Out Against Crime. All agreed it was a good night and everybody had fun. Everybody got what they wanted and there was very little waste. (Scott's note: these numbers may be off as I might have misunderstood them. Ask Norma for a better accounting.)

Buddy was asked about a council update and he reported that "No news is good news."

David described a crime incident in which he reported a theft in action, but very little response was made by the Police Dept. David also said we need to be better-prepared for an emergency. He also expressed a desire to include more minorities in RUN meetings, mentioning that new members might feel intimidated. Bernadette agreed with David. B.G. discussed issues regarding a problem property on her block.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00.

Minutes submitted respectfully by Scott Gillihan.