August 24, 2009

Scott's Blog: August '09

River Music--Sorry I missed the latest RUN meeting. I went to a concert downtown and when I bought the ticket I didn't realize it was on RUN night. I'll be there in September if the creek don't rise.

Digital Age
--You may have noticed I have a proper email address now. I am also working on a My Space and Face book page. It's what all the kids are doing. It is all very strange to me so bare with me as I am dragged kicking and screaming into the the 21st century.

Gail Kerr--I hope y'all got a chance to read Gail Kerr's piece last Sunday August 15 in the Tennessean. It was about the Metro law against discrimination of gays. Our councilman Buddy Baker was featured. Buddy and I have not agreed on every issue but he is right on this one.

Marketplace--I hope y'all have had to chance to visit the new farmer's market in Richland Park. I have been there the last two Saturdays and it seems to be thriving. If you haven't been there yet be sure to go before it gets too cold.

August 11, 2009

Firebombing in Our Neighborhood

The home of Lamar and Mamilee Throneberry at 6200 Morrow Road was fire bombed about 10:00 last night, August 7.Thankfully,the fire and damage was contained to the front porch and no one was hurt.
Reportedly a black man was seen who had three Molotov cocktails which he lit and threw at the living room window. The outer pane was shattered and soon the front porch was engulfed in flames. A neighbor who lives at 6202 Morrow Road and saw the attack rushed next to tell Lamar and Mamilee their house was on fire. Lamar got his hose out and extinguished the fire before the fire department could arrive. Meanwhile the perpetrator walked down the street perhaps to be picked up by a slow moving car seen cruising the neighborhood.

Now why would anybody want to attack the Throneberry's, good friends and neighbors who are some of the sweetest people you'd ever want to meet? Well details are murky but apparently there was trouble at the house next door, 6202 Morrow road which was the true target. A young man there was dealing in stolen cars and somebody came looking for revenge. Why Lamar's house was attacked is unclear; was he trying to send a message or did he just make a mistake.Whatever it is a shame.

I'll send you more updates as I learn them. I know that Metro Police, the ATF, and other law enforcement are looking for the people who committed this heinous crime. Perhaps we should contact the media to be on the look out for the suspects.

Scott Gillihan


Good Food for Good People and Metro Nashville Park District havepartnered up to answer the high demand for a farmer's market in WestNashville!

The market opening date is next Saturday, August 15th from9-12pm & will continue every Saturday after that!

The market will feature:
* local farmers
* artisans with locally produced products
* live music
* a child friendly atmosphere
* lots of ways to join the fun

Look for the market under the big trees near Park Avenue and 46thAvenue North in Richland Park.

Scott's Blog - Beautification

Big News at Beautification

Billy Lynch, director of Metro Public Works sat in on the last beautification meeting. A big topic was losing the recycling center in West Nashville and the one in South Nashville Wal-mart is kicking us out of. Mr. Lynch said he is working on a deal to put it on Metro/State property. He didn't have any details as it is still in the works, but putting it on government land is a better solution than getting jerked around by big companies. Let's wish him well and hope we can get recycling out here soon. I'll keep you posted.

What makes me mad is we had to move to Wal-mart because they were going build a frozen food store in the old location. Well it's been almost two years and still nothing. I know these things take time and the economy has been down, but I don't like people who say they are going to do something then don't follow through.

I Need an Intern

I guess you all have heard about that State Senator from Memphis caught messing around with an intern. That brings to mind our own State Rep. Gary Odom. Now I know he did the honorable thing and married that young girl. Part of me wants to say good for you, I think I'd like to try that. But the more I think about it, it all seems so creepy. Our state legislature is an embarrassment, in a nation with lots of bad State governments. Can't we get some better people to fill these offices? Or is the money machine all that matters?