January 11, 2010

RUN Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes - November 12,2009

Robertson, Urbandale, Nations (RUN) Neighborhood Meeting
Thursday, November 12, 2009

Present: Councilman Buddy Baker, Audrey Baker, Cynthia Black, James Bradford, William Bradford, Angela Bryan (St. Luke’s), Johnathan Carrera, Brenda Hix, Tiffany Israel (NRC), Sean Siple, Lamar Throneberry, Mamie Throneberry.

In the absence of RUN leadership, the meeting began at 7:10 pm with Councilman Buddy Baker reporting on the newspaper report that West Park and McCabe Park Community Center’s will be closed. Councilman Baker will check on the validity of this report.

Councilman Baker reported that the full council will vote Tuesday, November 17 on the moving of West Precinct. Several individuals are still fighting the move to the former Ford Dealership.

Those who want to support the move should email the full council by using the address councilmembers@nashville.gov. Ask them to please pass the resolution to move West Police Precinct to 5500 Charlotte Avenue. Those without email can call At-Large members or members who are against or undecided:
Tim Garrett-Home: (615) 859-1047; Cell: (615) 351-4175
Megan Berry--Phone: (615) 291-6737
Ronnie Steine-Work: (615) 862-6780 Home: (615) 385-9757
Jerry Maynard-(615) 862-6780
Charlie Tigard-Work Phone: 256-7146; Home Phone: 646-3295; Cell Phone: 243-3295
Emily Evans-Home Phone: (615) 356-6294
Bo Mitchell--Work Phone: (615) 477-6718
Jim Gotto-Home Phone: (615) 883-3087
Michael Craddock-Home Phone: (615) 226-0521

Councilman Baker continues to work on the sound wall to continue to Beacon Square and Charlotte Park.

Sean Siple thanked RUN and the community for its support to the West Nashville Farmer’s Market. The organization will go before the Parks Board next week for a review. Next year’s market will operate May-October and will possibly move behind the Tennis Court. Crafts will only be featured once a month.

An additional proposal is pending to turn the defunct public swimming pool into a teaching garden to be used by several schools including St. Ann’s, Cohn, Sylvan Park Elementary, Park Avenue Elementary to use for educating its students. If Good Food for Good People takes over the pool, Metro would not have to pay $75,000 to tear down the pool.

Sean also asked that RUN support his USDA application.

Tiffany Israel announced an upcoming meeting at West Nashville UMC on Tuesday, December 1. This meeting brings together several neighborhood associations, local businesses and the Metro Police.

Angela Bryan invited everyone to the Thanksgiving Lunch and Health Fair at St. Luke’s on Saturday, November 21 from 11 am to 2 pm.

There was a motion to cancel the December RUN meeting. The motion was seconded and approved by the group.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:10.