October 17, 2008

RUN Meeting Minutes - September 11, 2008

Attended by Bernadette Ash, Buddy Baker, Cynthia Black, Angela Bryan, Ron Burch, Scott Gillihan, Norma Hand, Brenda Hix, Blaine Ray, BG Wadholm, Billy Walls, Dave Wascher, Yolanda Vaughn, Matt Bigelow, Jonathan Carrera, William and James Bradford and Brian Diller.

Billy called the meeting to order at 7:00 In old business, Billy talked about the idea of changing RUN’s bylaws to allow members to vote if they’ve attended six meetings during the previous year. We talked about extending the boundaries of RUN over to the south side of Interstate 40 where a nascent neighborhood group is forming.

We talked about a follow-up Codes tour (we toured the neighborhood in July). Group members expressed interest in doing a second tour - looking for new code violations and identifying problems that have been corrected. There will be another ride before the next meeting in October.

Norma spoke of the Nations and how the name came from Indian Nations who brokered and dealt with early white settlers in the area. An idea was thrown out to organize a pow wow to celebrate our neighborhood’s history.

Angela said the St Luke’s Resident Planning meeting will take place Sept. 25

BJ was concerned with stray dogs and is pushing for a law to fine landlords who rent to tenants who are consistently involved in illegal activities. She’s working to get it included in a bill at the state legislature level. Councilman Baker said he has been calling animal control and public works frequently to report neighborhood issues.

Councilman Baker informed us that a Gordons Food store is planned to be built at the site where Kmart previously existed in Hillwood plaza. Many residents expressed concern about losing the recycling center after working so hard to get one in there. We all agreed to think of new places where a new center could be located if the old one must close.

Brenda invited everyone to the Light of the Nations Carnival and Health Fair. There will be food and music and fun for all.

The meeting adjourned about 8:00.

Minutes submitted respectfully by Scott Gillihan.