February 25, 2009

Scott's Blog: The Economy

Something is not going on on Charlotte and I don't like it. Just West of White Bridge road, between the Jack in the Box and the Dominoes, there use to be a little strip mall. They had a video rental store, a nails place and a little Indian restaurant. Well a year or more ago, someone razed the building and now it's a concrete slab with a chain link fence around it. I heard that a bank branch was supposed to move to the location. A 5th 3rd bank, which is the stupidest name for a bank I ever heard. Come on guys, just pick one number.

Well since then we've had the credit crunch or whatever you want to call this recession. Could it be that this bank got caught up in all the bad home loans and doesn't have the money to build the bank? I did notice 5th 3rd could afford to build a big building in Green Hills.

But isn't that the way things go in today's economy? The rich and powerful can pay lower taxes and get a bailout from the government when they screw up. But if you're just one guy trying to make your own business, they knock the walls around you down.

As Alan Jackson sang, there goes the little man.

Update: I wrote about to dog abandoned when the duplex burned on Morrow Road. Well, I'm pleased to say the dog has apparently been adopted by the folks living across the alley from the burned house. I don't know the people but I'm glad to see they had the heart to care for him. The shell of the duplex is still an eyesore and it will probably be up to the neighbors to clean it up.

RUN Meeting Minutes - February 12, 2009

Billy called the meeting to order at 7:00. The minutes of the January meeting were read and approved noting the new frozen food store is called "Gordon's." Norma said there was no activity in the treasury except that RUN's Post Office Box is due. In old business Billy talked about the two new subcommittees.

Regarding the Emergency Preparedness subcommittee, Angela reported little luck with the Office of Emergency Management. Cynthia said she contacted the Red Cross and planned for them to to the April meeting. She also passed out a list of "safe places" in West Nashville, should disaster strike.

Regarding the web site subcommittee, Billy said that we should all take digital pictures of the neighborhood and write what you can and so it can be uploaded to the RUN blog (online at runneighborhood.blogspot.com). We talked about getting a proper website and the cost is $10, only payable by credit card. Scott, Blaine, Jamie and Johnathan said they will help with content. Norma will look into getting a debit card with a small balance so RUN can purchase a domain name.

Norma said she spoke to a Mr. Wilson at the Native American Indian Assn. on Spence Lane about holding a pow wow in the neighborhood. He may come to the March meeting. Mr. Bradford brought up the subject of the water rate increase and he didn't like it. Neither did BG who was most concerned about elderly residents on a fixed income having a hard time paying their utilities. Scott spoke in favor of the increase, saying storm water is undermining roads and houses in West Nashville.

Buddy said that Publix is a done deal, and will be moving to the location where HG Hills used to be located. They will be moving the bank but not putting in condos in the new shopping center. He said that the police want to move up the hill to the Horizon Building, since their current location is over-crowed. He spoke to Billy Lynch at Public Works about a committee to find a new recycling center if the existing one must move. Scott talked about getting sound walls installed if and when TDOT finishes phase 2 construction on I440.

We retired to delicious snacks prepared by the cooking class at St Luke's.

Minutes submitted respectfully by Scott Gillihan

February 24, 2009

New Nations Listserve

Hello everyone!

A Nations resident and friend, Valerie Harrell, recently started a Nations listserve -- please join in if you'd like!We hope to make it a great resource for people living in the Nationsarea.

Here's a link to the group:

Please pass this information on to others who might be interested.

Hope to see you -- online and / or in person -- soon.

warm regards,

alesandra bellos

February 9, 2009

Scott's Blog - TVA Ash Sludge Spill

I guess y'all have heard about that ash sludge spill from the TVA plant up in East Tennessee. So what does that have to do to us here in West Nashville?

Well…if you are reading this on a computer or with the help of an electric light, it has a lot to do with you. See, the electricity to power that light comes from removing mountaintop to reach the coal that the TVA burns to generate electricity.

Think of it this way…if when you flip a switch or turn something on in your house, a little ash or a puff of blue smoke comes out of the plug, would you live there long? Even with the blessing of electricity? We need to think in a new way. Electricity can be generated on a smaller scale though solar or geothermal power and we would, in a way, be paying as we use it. And we wouldn't have to rely on NES or the TVA. I know that the issue is a lot more complicated, but I think West Nashville is the perfect place to start this new way of thinking.

What do you all think?

- Scott

RUN Meeting Minutes - January 8, 2009

Billy called the meeting to order at 7:00. Councilman Buddy Baker was the first to speak, and he described a few changes at the old Hillwood Plaza. He said that Nashville West is on hold for the moment, due to constraints from the current economic climate. Buddy mentioned that the bank is being torn down and moved, and that a Publix store will be going in where HG Hills was located previously. Buddy reported that a frozen food store will be going in, and that he is working with Billy Lynch (Metro Public Works) to relocate the recycling center. Costco won't let us put it there. Councilman Baker said that the H2O project may start in October and that MayTown is on hold as well. He’s also is working on obtaining cameras for West Park.

Afterwards, the group discussed goals for 2009. Bernadette said we still need an emergency plan. Scott said “how ‘bout a powwow” like Norma has mentioned in previous meetings. Jonathon and BG said we need a newsletter and flyer. Jamie said she liked living here but wished that more people had internet access. BG talked about getting a law on the books that would require more police action regarding problem renters (that landlords should be notified of illegal activities occurring on their properties).

All attendees voted and the disaster plan and newsletter were the top vote-getters. A general discussion took place when we started to realize how much work and how much this would cost. We agreed to schedule two auxiliary meetings on January 29. One half-hour discussion for the disaster plan at 6:30 and another for the newsletter at 7:00.In new business.

Scott mentioned the cleanup of 51st Ave is scheduled for Saturday, January 10, and he hope to see everyone there. Update: Scott, Jan, and Jamie cleaned up on a rainy day. Lamar and Mamie also participated in the cleanup.

February 7, 2009

Scott's Blog - Fire on Morrow Road

Last saturday afternoon there was a house fire just up the street on Morrow Road. The fire department was there quickly and contained the fire to mostly one end of the duplex. You've got to give those firemen credit. That's a tough and dangerous job that I wouldn't want to do. They saved the people inside with only one person sustaining minor injuries.
Now this property is right on the corner of 61st Ave and Morrow Road right across from West Park. It's a very old and tiny duplex that has had many differnt tenants since I've been living down the street. It has been up for sale for a year or more. I suppose it still is and now at a reduced price. I wonder what will happen to that little house. It is all boarded up and scorched on the inside and unfit for human habitation. But there are a lot of homeless poeple around here who have been known to squat in an abandoned building.
What I would like to see is that old duplex torn down and the land left alone. The lot is too small for the condos they are building around here now. Maybe even that land could be donated to the city as sort of an annex to West Park.
The strange thing about all of this is - although the guy who lived there moved out with the help of the Red Cross, he left behind his dog. It's one of those pit bull mixes so popular these days. He is still chained to a tree next to his makeshift dog house (at least it didn't burn) looking as sad and forlorn as the charred furniture lying in the gutter. Someone still brings him food and water and he looks healthy enough, but still it's a pitiful sight. I hate to see an animal suffer. Let's hope we can get that place torn down and the dog can find a happy home.
All from the West Side for now. More later.

- Scott