November 13, 2008

West Nashville Crime Meeting - Wednesday, November 19

West Nashville United Methodist Church will host a second community meeting on "Coping With Crime in West Nashville" on Wednesday, November 19th at 6:30 p.m. The first meeting, held on Oct. 22nd, hosted a panel of civic and religious leaders from the community including the Metro Council representatives from two West Nashville Districts, a Lt. Police Chief from the Metro Police Force and two ministers from local churches. If anyone would like a summary of this meeting, please send an email request to

Representatives from Neighborhoods Resource Center will be on hand on Nov. 19th to facilitate discussion regarding further community organizing efforts towards dealing with the issue of crime in West Nashville. We hope to develop plans for working together as a community to deal with crime in our neighborhoods. The meeting will last from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. Please call West Nashville UMC at 297-3216 if you would like more information or visit the website Business owners, residents, church members and concerned members of the community in the West Nashville area are encouraged to attend.

RUN Meeting Minutes - October 9, 2008

Attended by Billy Walls, Angela Bryan, Mary Baker, Cynthia Black, Lamar and Mamie Thronebury, Audrey and Buddy Baker, BG Wadholm, Jonathan Carrera, Matt Bigalow, William and James Bradford, Sherri Sloan, Norma Hand, and Scott Gillihan.

Billy called the meeting to order at 7:00 and introduced Sherri Sloan, an eight year veteran of the public works department. She explained the advantages of curby recycling, stating that it costs Metro $30 per ton to landfill waste while we make $10 to recycle. She spoke of the recycling center and Jonathan said his school took a tour of it. Norma asked Sherri about the recycling center that we might lose beside the strike and spare. Sherri stated that the city would do all it can to save a drop-off place in West Nashville.

Mary Baker from St. George's Church said she would like to know how they can help the people of West Nashville. She wanted to get input from community leaders.
In old business, Norma said we had $810.97 in the bank. Buddy said the people on O'Brian were going to form their own organization. We then voted on the Bylaws changes in Article 2 Section 1. Then changes were approved. See Billy for the new language.

Norma said she talked to people about the Indian celebration for West Nashville. We also talked about another ride along looking for codes violations although most agreed the neighborhood looks pretty good. Scott invited everyone to the 51st Ave cleanup and the Richland Creek cleanup later in the month. Angela reminded everyone that the adopt-a-family program was starting soon and wanted everyone to help out.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00.

Minutes submitted respectfully by Scott Gillihan.