February 22, 2010

Minutes of RUN meeting January 14, 2010

Minutes of RUN meeting January 14, 2010

Present: Councilman Buddy Baker, Audrey Baker, Cynthia Black, Angela Bryan (St. Luke's), Johnathan Carrera, BG Wadholm,Jamie Kunzmann,, Lamar and Mamie Throneberry, Scott Gillihan, and Melissa Gordon.

Cynthia called the meeting to order at 8:00. She introduced Melissa Gordon who will be taking Blaine's spot at NRC. Melissa asked what RUN did well last year and what was not so good. Scott said we got lots of information on emergency management but not well at improving our web site. Jamie said supporting the farmers market was a good thing. It was followed by a general discussion on tearing down the swimming pool to put in a garden. We all seemed to think it was a good idea.
BG and Jamie talked about how we could get more members. Cynthia remembered how Bernadette said she felt not welcomed when she started coming here and the whole image of RUN with neighborhood watch. We talked people for other parts of the world who have moved here and changed the face of the neighborhood. We talked about Light of the Nations as a way we could reach new members.

Buddy said the new police station has started work and should be open in 12-18 months. He as been working on the sound walls along the I-40 construction and a remote start law. He said no community centers would close out here despite trouble at the Parks Department. We would like more information on the new Police station and maybe we could get someone from metro to tell us more about it.

Angela talked about teaming up with the kids at Bass and other school to give the children something to do. We would also like some kind of clinic to aid the uninsured folks around here.