March 11, 2010

RUN Meeting Minutes, February 11, 2010

Cynthia called the meeting to order at 8:00. No one had a copy of the minutes of the January meeting but some got them on email. I'll try to bring a copy of these minutes to the next meeting.

Jamie brought in copies of some literature she and Angela have been working on to promote RUN. All seemed to like it except some of the boundaries lines were wrong. Clever use of RUN (are you in) I thought.

We talked a bit about litter pick up. The next 51st Ave cleanup is set for the first week in April. Scott said other areas need attention like the James Ave. bridge. Update--It seems the sheriff's department sent some community service out there as I saw two bags of trash I picked up and put in my curby. Cynthia asked about getting a dumpster for big items. At the beautification meeting, they said public works is one million dollars over budget due to the snowy weather. But we could still get one if we ask soon enough. We need to decide on a date and talk to Mr. Jackson and see if we can't get one.

Next up was Mathew Portell with Ride for Reading. He said he has a building on Alabama Ave the needs work and needs more books donated. He spoke about the needs for kids to read more especially in middle school. He plans on working with Bass and other area schools. Update-- I stopped by their building and while no one was there it was wide open. It is a mere skeleton of a building and needs lot of work to be of any use.

Buddy was asked about a couple of council issues. The Farmer's Market at Richland Park will be back but in a smaller form. Only produce is to be sold there, not hippy clothing and used books. The said the Maytown issue will come before council but will need a super majority to pass. He seemed to think that was unlikely although I don't recall him saying how he intended to vote. As almost everyone here is against I hope he will listen to the opinions of the voters.

The meeting ended early and we had to get out before 8:00.

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